6 Tips On Using Pool Safety Cover  

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2009 in Articles

Utilizing a pool safety cover is one of the few things a pool owner must do for his swimming pool. This pool device provides safety around the pool and even in the entire house. Children and pets must be kept away from the swimming pool to prevent drowning accidents.

Before or after using a pool safety cover, there are some tasks a pool owner must do prior to closing or opening. The following are the tips before and after using the cover on the swimming pool:

1.Water Level - Before closing, the water should be leveled with in twelve inches (12"). Draining helps to make the swimming pool in becoming less deeper.

2.Proper Tension - The straps should be set first before adjusting the spring. This technique will keep the pool safety cover tight and avoid gradual falling. Periodical checking of springs must be done to maintain the spring's tension.

3.Application of Chemicals - make sure the pool water has the right amount of chemicals such as chlorine and algaecide before closing. The said chemicals will provide assurance that the pool water is clean even if it is covered. Check for the right amount of chlorine stabilizer to maximize the chlorine's efficiency.

4.Removing of Debris - Pool safety cover is susceptible to gathering of debris like leaves, bugs, and sands. If the accumulation of debris is disregarded, this might affect the quality of the cover. Removing of the debris should be done carefully to avoid the cover from tearing. If the surface has a puddle of water, it can be removed with the use of pool cover drain.

5.Cleaning the Cover - When cleaning the cover it must be used with pressured water nozzle. This helps to remove the sands and silt easily. Before keeping the cover, it must be completely dry for folding. Using cleaners and cover treatments can be helpful when cleaning the cover.

6.Keeping the Anchors - After removing the pool safety cover [http://www.overnightpools.com], the anchors sockets must be cleaned using a stream of compressed water. It is advisable to apply silicone spray to maintain the operation and appearance of the anchors. If the pool is not covered, anchors should be screwed down to keep the debris out and prevent such accidents like tripping.

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