6 Unique Accessories to Customize Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-23-2014 in Articles

Thinking of installing an inground pool? You might not know how easy and fun it is to customize your pool. You have a lot of options when it comes to building your customized pool, including water features, fire features, and more. Get started with these ideas and create the pool of your dreams with the help of pool builders in Fort Worth, TX, like Klapprodt Pools.
Fountains are popular additions in and around pools. They are relatively easy to set up and add an elegant touch to any pool in any setting. Whether you plan on entertaining guests or just want the family to enjoy something fun, fountains are a great way to customize your pool.
Waterfalls are another popular water feature in many pools. Stepping into your pool, you'll feel like you're on vacation at your own tropical island. To make the experience even more lifelike, you can turn your pool into a hidden grotto with the addition of caves, trees, and flowers.
Another easy way to customize your pool is by adding lights in and around your pool. Different lights can create different moods, from fun to romantic. Extra lights can also act as a safety feature to keep people from slipping while they're enjoying an evening around the pool. As an added bonus, they're also easy to install and you can often do it yourself.
Fire Features
For those who like to live a little more dangerously, fire features are extremely popular. Providing a nice contrast with the water, these features are sure to make your pool stand out from any other pool in the neighborhood. Although they shouldn't be used with small children around, fires are relatively safe, especially with so much water nearby. For the best effect, position your fires so they can reflect off the water for twice the dazzling effect.
Tables and Chairs
Underwater seating is a fun option for many pools. You can have a swim-up table in the middle of your pool where you and your guests can eat, read, or play cards. Or position your seats around a bar along the side of your pool. You might associate these sorts of accessories with fancy resorts, but they can be added to your own pool just as easily.
For the Kids
If you plan on enjoying your pool with the kids, make sure you put in something extra for them. Kids love accessories like slides and diving boards, as well as pool toys like blow-up chairs and rafts. You can even talk to your pool builders in Fort Worth, TX, about customizing your slides so they'll fit in with your unique pool design. Have a slide come out of a rocky cave or down a waterfall, and your kids will feel like they're on an adventure every time they go swimming! When it comes to designing a custom pool, you're only limited by your imagination!

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