7 Mistakes Parents and Dog Owners Make Regarding Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools are a great way for kids to learn to swim. They're a great source of exercise, a way to cool off on a hot day and a form of entertainment on a warm summer's weekend. But they can also be dangerous for kids and dogs alike if these mistakes are made:

1. Kids are allowed to swim with no supervision. You may feel that your kids are responsible and good swimmers. But sometimes kids like to show off or try new things to impress their friends or siblings. This could lead to someone hitting their head while jumping off the diving board or other possible injuries.

2. There is no fence around the pool. Having a fence around a pool will keep both kids and dogs from accidentally falling in. It should be tall enough so kids can't climb over or dogs jump over and there should be a gate that is lockable while the pool is not in use.

3. Don't have a pool alarm. Pool alarms are easy to install in your pool and will alert you in your house as well as at poolside if a dog or person were to fall in.

4. Haven't taught your dog where the steps are in the pool and how to use them to get out. There are even special steps you can put in your pool for dogs so that if one should happen to fall in trying to reach a ball or toy it would be able to climb back out.

5. Do not have any flotation devices near the pool. If a dog or child is struggling and flailing in the middle of the pool, even if you jump in to rescue them, it would help to have the device as a back-up.

6. Do not know CPR. Every parent should take a class on CPR in case their children should ever need it such as in the case of a child being underwater long enough to have stopped breathing. Knowing and performing CPR can save your child's life while paramedics are on their way.

7. Don't keep a pool cover on during the off season. Your pool should be covered and sealed securely during the months when it is not in use to prevent dogs or children from falling in. Children should also be taught never to walk on the covered pool.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a swimming pool. But take safety precautions to avoid making these mistakes that could result in injury or tragedy.

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