8 Things To Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-23-2015 in Articles

Who doesn't want a pool at home! It adds a luxury quotient to the house and increases its value in the market. But above all that, it serves as an excellent recreational space. There is no reason why you should stop yourself from installing a swimming pool in your house. But before you go ahead with the plan, take a stock of these eight things.

1. Finding The Perfect Pool Site

Look around your house and find the perfect spot for installing a pool. The site needs to have a clear area for the construction to take place. Also, ask yourself questions like how conveniently accessible and safe this pool site is.

2. Familiarity With The Laws

There are zoning and building laws that require swimming pool installations to follow certain norms. Get acquainted with these laws, and ensure that the selected pool site meets the legal requirements.

3. Finding The Right Contractor

Finding the right builder to build your swimming pool is crucial. You should consult friends, acquaintances, and suppliers before zeroing in on a contractor. Make sure that the contractor is bonded and insured.

4. Getting An Estimate Of Construction Charges

Ask for an approximation of the total construction charges from your builder or a friend who has installed a pool recently. Keep in mind that although picking cheaper materials will reduce the total costs, it will introduce a risk factor that you'd rather do without.

5. Knowing The Various Maintenance Charges

Once the pool is built, you will have to save a certain amount of money every month to account for regular maintenance. Get a rough estimate of these charges, and then delve into your finances to see how you can make it happen.

6. And The Taxation And Insurance Charges

Owning a pool has tax implications. So you'll witness a rise in your annual property tax bill. Most insurance companies will include the insurance for your swimming pool under the standard homeowner's policy. But if the company that insures you doesn't cover the pool, you'll need to pay an additional premium to insure the pool separately.

7. Planning For The Shape And Style Of The Pool

This influences the aesthetics and the safety factor of the house. While the rectangular shaped pool is a classic, the relatively newer kidney shaped pools offer a more contemporary look. Be sure before installing pools with sharp edges, as they carry an increased risk of accidents. Also, do your research before deciding on an inground or above ground pool.

8. Considering Different Materials Before Deciding On One

Go over the list of materials with your builder. Become aware of the prices of each material and how effective each of them is. You can also consider elaborate tile mosaics and glass tiles if you want to give your pool an artistic touch.

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