9 Questions to Ask Before You Build an In-Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-26-2006 in Articles

1) Are you willing to devote time regularly to maintain your pool since an in-ground swimming pool is a high maintenance item? Please be aware that, if you are planning to sell your home one day, for some buyers an in-ground swimming pool is not an asset but actually a liability due to its high-maintenance nature.

2) Do you have or are you willing to have a high fence all around your pool, complete with a locked gate?

3) Are you willing to change your pump and filter at least once in every 15 years?

4) Are you ready for the possibility that you may have to change your underground circulation pipes and skimmers perhaps once in every 15 years?

5) Are you willing to devote a regular part of your budget for the amazing variety of chemicals that your pool will need regularly to keep it sparkling clean?

6) Are you willing to vacuum the bottom of your pool on a regular basis (perhaps once a month) when your pool is in use?

7) Are you willing to spend around $1,000 to buy a good spring-lock pool cover for winter which allows the rain and snow water seep through but keeps the debris out?

8) If you live in a wooded area, are you willing to clean your pool off the rodents, garden snakes and other animals that will eventually find their way into your pool?

9) Are you willing to take the necessary legal precautions (like obtaining a written release form from the parents of your children's friends) to protect yourself against the various accidents that can and do occur in and around swimming pools?

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