ADA Pool Lift Regulations

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2010 in Articles


On September 15, 2010 new regulations were signed into law for ADA compliance. These changes must be in place by March 15, 2012.

The new laws require that all pools open to the public must be equipped with assisted entry systems. Swimming pools greater than 300 linear feet will require two means of assisted entry. An ADA compliant lift, or a sloped entry must be the primary means of assisted entry. The secondary means has to be one of the following; a transfer wall, transfer systems, or stairs. For swimming pools less than 300 linear feet, only one assisted entry systems is necessary, and must be either an ADA compliant pool lift, or a sloped entry.

The ADA states that for a lift to be compliant, it must be able to be remotely operated by a person with a disability from the deck or water level, and also has to meet the location requirements. The lift cannot be located in water deeper than 48 inches, with the only exceptions being; the entire pool is deeper than 48 inches, or there is another lift in the pool where the water is not deeper than 48 inches. For wave pools, leisure rivers, and other pools with only one pool entry area, a sloped entry, lift, or transfer systems must be in place. Wading pools are required to have sloped entry. Spas must have at least one lift, transfer wall, or transfer system.

IN SHORT Most pools will need to purchase a pool lift for their pool and one for their spa.

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