A Buying Guide For Winter Swimming Pool Covers  

by Pool Builders on 08-20-2010 in Articles

A winter swimming pool cover is a major aid in maintaining your pool in top condition. Winter in some locations brings lots of rain, in others lots of snow. Rain carries dirt from the skies and deposits it in the pool. It also carries air-borne algae that wind up right in the water. Snow can freeze pipes and break plastic filters. Keeping the pool covered can help reduce both those problems.

One of the first things you should be looking for when you're shopping for winter swimming pool covers is the strength of the materials the cover is made of. You'll want to get a cover that is made with polypropylene thread, because it is stronger than cotton thread and won't erode after being exposed to the water. Polypropylene threading is also stronger than seams that are sealed with heat, since they may come apart after extreme exposure to the water, and could fall apart due to changes in the weather as well.

Finding winter pool covers that have an extended warranty is also a plus. As a rule, a longer warranty indicates that it's a more durable product; try to find one with an eight to ten year guarantee.

If you have a local pool supply outlet, you should have no problem finding just the right cover to fit your pool, regardless of whether it's in-ground or above ground. You can also shop at a number of online retail stores that sell winter pool covers. For example, http://www.winterpoolcover.com will give you information on each type of pool cover they offer, as well as details on the warranty for each cover. At these kinds of sites, you can even find information on things like pool alarms and environmentally-friendly cleaning systems that will help you save money on all your supplies.

Keeping autumn leaves out of the pool can become a maintenance headache, so make sure you cover up your pool well before wintry weather arrives. Skimming is no fun. Automatic cleaners help, but leaves can fill them up fast or clog the hose. Prevention is worth ten times a cure. Fortunately that's easy with an easy-to-deploy pool cover. Leaves just blow off the surface or are easily discarded when you roll up the cover.

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