A Condominium for Children too - Amazon Pattaya Condominium   

by Pool Builders on 01-08-2012 in Articles

What is usually on your mind when you're shopping for some Thailand based condominiums like the Amazon Pattaya Condominium? If you're single, you'll simply look for something that is less expensive but comfortable at the same time. What if you have a small family? Will the criteria of cheaper rate condominiums alone be an enough basis for purchasing something that you'd be staying in for some months or even a long time? The answer probably would be no, since you'd would be thinking not just about yourself but about your children too. So what should you look for in the condominium then? Try checking out if the condominium has child friendly amenities or not.

An example of a child friendly condominium is the latest project from Iguana Group Matrix, the Amazon Paradise Jomtien. The Amazon has one bedroom apartments. Most singles would usually prefer to have studio type condominium units because these are relatively cheaper and everything can be easily accessed. The designs however for these units are more geared towards the adult market and it isn't safe to have children around areas where everything can be reached by hand. You'll never know when accidents may happen. The units from Amazon however may be furnished according to the adult's preference but the fact that the units are cut in sections means that the movements of the children occupying the said units will be somewhat controlled. The children won't be able to reach everything easily thus accidents can be avoided.

Another child oriented concept incorporated in the making of the Amazon Pattaya Condominium is its children play area. Yes, it has an area that caters to children who would like to run and play among swings and see saw, plus it also has tropical gardens for picnics and strolling. Even the famous Amazon swimming pool structure can become a good swimming hole for kids. The swimming pool has islets with shallow wading areas that can be for those who do not know how to swim. The animal water fountains in the pool are also attractive to children because they are colorful and fun to look at. Also, the sandy beach surrounding the pool can be used for building sand castles, a favorite past time for creative kids.

Even the basic services offered by Amazon Paradise Jomtien are beneficial to families with children as well. For example, future residents can have access to laundry and housekeeping services. If the parents would find themselves busy attending to their children, at least these services can allow the parents to keep their minds off from cleaning the unit and doing their laundry too. Both children and parents are closely protected as well through CCTV and 24/7 reception and security guards. The condominium also has Wi-Fi, thus if the children cannot be asked to keep still through tv, at least they can be kept occupied through the internet. This simple service can serve as another fun diversion for children who are not allowed to run along the halls and the play areas on their own.

So if you have children with you, and you're planning to look for some world known vacation spot, why not got to Thailand? And if you're planning to stay for some time, or if you want to purchase a vacation place of your own, then look for the Amazon Pattaya Condominium in Jomtien. See for yourself the benefits that your family will be able to get from this Iguana Group Matrix condominium development.

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