A Crystal Clear Pool With Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2010 in Articles

Pool filters serves an important function in your pool's circulatory structure because it primarily acts as a barrier between the water and pumping station to filter all dirt and debris passing through. When the water flows through the filters it will strain dirt, garbage, leaves and other stuff that accumulates when you have a pool, leaving your pool free from such contamination and your family and you safer.

There different types of filters available and you have to know which one would be the best deal for your swimming pool. One very convenient type of pool filter is the sand filter where in the water will pass through a series of sand layers filtering the water from dirt and these dirt and debris lie trapped in the sand beds. With continuous use of this filter, the sand beds naturally clogs up making the filtering method much slower than usual and it signifies that the filters now need cleaning as well. The sand filters are easy to clean by back washing technique with the use of a water hose. After cleaning just put it back and its all set to be used again although it is recommended that you change your filter every 6 months or so.

Another pool filter you will encounter is the cartridge type. This kind is designed with the same material that you can see in sin filters and they tend to last much longer compared to sand pool filters. This type does not need a meticulous maintenance; an occasional cleaning is all you need to do and they do not over strain your water pump because it functions at low pressure. This filter also requires a simple back washing technique.

So get the best pool filter for a sparkling, crystal clear swimming pool.

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