A Family Safe Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2011 in Articles

Building a home with high eco-friendly specifications can be a very accountable thing to do, specifically in today's polluted environment, but it can cost you much more while paying it off in years following the construction was done. However, increasing numbers of people appeal to this type of house conferences, structures that doesn't only protect people inside them, but also the whole environment close to, by using a smaller amount energy, water and heating and taking advantage of exactly what nature talented us from wind in order to natural illumination, cool local weather or environmentally friendly materials. But once your house is done, few take into consideration the exterior structures that also require attention and consideration, everything from the outside garden to blossoms, grass, furniture, and even pools.

Having a swimming pool house can be very entertaining and healthy as well, not to mention good for all ages from children to kids and older people, but it may also become a quite dangerous factor if not treated with the necessary consideration. The average pool-guy cleansing it once per week doesn't help anymore to provide a friendly aquatic environment for its users, since there are a large number of other factors to be considered except the actual clean water. Perhaps you have thought that your own swimming pool can be dangerous and even dangerous to your wellness? If not, find out that there are literally thousands of bacteria and bacteria that can be obtained from the swimming pool h2o, leading to harmful diseases and types of conditions such as conjunctivitis, infection and other parasitic organisms. And while standard swimming pool cleansers derive from chlorine and other alike substances, you can find better, enviromentally friendly and non-toxic approaches to enjoy a good bath in the pool, by utilizing alternative cleaning agents such as:


Use a salt chloride to keep your swimming clean; and while chlorine is still present, due to the off-gassing of the sodium, its results are much less bad compared to a conventional swimming pool water pool. Also, where possible, try using natural salt water from the seas -- it is way better and more healthy and because of its salinity concentration, it'll keep you at first glance without a lot of effort.


A good ionizer uses copper and sometimes even silver precious metal ions to keep the actual swimming pools clean although it provides a soft smooth drinking water feeling, like the one you've got swimming inside the ocean. Applying this type of swimming pool cleanser, you'll drop off any chlorine or even salt.


A new, interesting method to keep your swimming pool out of the danger is to use the entire process of oxidation; the methods consists of using an uv light or perhaps electricity by having an oxidation system that needs a generator, you will keep your swimming safe and also disinfected.

Sonic Cleaning

Better, yet more costly, the actual sonic cleaning method uses a machine that produces ultrasonic waves within the water and damages algae and many types of other possible dangers at a cellular level This type of cleansing also endures longer than the common methods of cleaning.


Nevertheless, if you want to truly be a eco-friendly activist and bring your ecological principles outside the house, you can decide on a natural solution to keep your swimming clear and also clean, by utilizing natural vegetation and to be able to bottom. This unique alternative is actually personally my personal favorite also, in terms of as little as $2,000, I can like a real normal swimming expertise and create a welcoming environment.

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