A Few Common Types of Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 10-04-2011 in Articles

To maintain the cleanliness of pool water, every pool owner installs filters. These are mostly automatic and do not need intervention of humans to function. Irrespective of the type of swimming pool you have (in-ground or above-ground), you'll need filters to keep the water hygienic and clean. It will always be ready to take a plunge into. Are you wondering which type of filters to choose for your swimming pool? Whatever the brand of pool filters you choose, there are a few common types. It is advised that you buy pool filters based on the principle on which they work and not based on the brand. Given below is a list of common types of filters based on the principle of their working:

  • Sand filters: In this type of pool filters, sand is used as filtering medium. The water is pumped inside the devices with the help of pumps. When the water passes through sand, debris get filtered and clean water is released back into the pool. It is an efficient system to clean debris like leaves, sticks, and other larger particles. You need to clean the filter cartridges regularly. However, when dirt and grime gets accumulated in the sand cartridges, you need to change the cartridges. If you are looking for pool filters for cleaning debris as small as 20-25 microns in size, the ones with sand cartridges might not be suitable for you.

Cartridge filters: This type of pool filters have a cylindrical cartridges inside. Instead of sand, these cartridges are made of polyester or other materials. These are more efficient than sand ones. Particles smaller than what the sand cleaners could remove are removed by the cartridged ones. You can clean the debris in such devices with water from the hose pipe. You can also clean such cartridges with detergent solution. If you ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of these cartridges, they will remain functional for a long period of time.

Diatomaceous earth filters: This type of devices are considered to be the most effective, efficient, and expensive too. But, even though it is costly than other types it is worth spending money for. The cartridge for such pool filters are made with diatomaceous earth or fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. This material can filter out the tiniest of impurities from the water thus, making the water clean and hygienic. You can clean such devices by backwashing.So, what type of pool filters are you planning to buy? You should first look for an authorized online dealer of such pool products.

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