A Few Reassuring Words About Sand Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2009 in Articles

So there you are, going over your options in pool filters. "Hey" you say to yourself. "What about those sand pool filters"? You read up a little on them and find out that they do work good but at the same time, you may also have some lingering doubts.

What's the Catch With Sand Pool Filters??

After all, this is the new millennium. Can't they come up with some type of newer technology above and beyond using common sand to clean your pools water. Also, you may be wondering what the catch is. Are they a pain in the (U know what) to deal with?

Can the Thing Back-Fire?!?

Can the thing somehow back-fire and leave you with the bottom of your pool covered with sand. Also, it's hard enough to keep a tidy back yard without having to deal with a bunch of sand that all the neighborhood cats are dying to use for a bathroom.

Sand Pool Filters - Still Serving Your Community Well

You are correct, it is the new millennium and there have been lots of great new developments in things such as screen pool filters. While they don't require the back flushing that sand pool filters do, they really don't clean the water as well as a sand filter will.

They Have Their Place

Pool filters that use filter screens are great pool filters for pools that tend to have problems with large debris, like leaves blowing in them that would tend to clog a sand pool filter. Also, sand pool filters are a bit cheaper than screen pool filters.

Not A Chance of Back - Firing

No they won't backfire and as a matter of fact, once they are loaded up with sand thats basically the last you will see of the sand unless you have top put some back in occasionally. Simply keep a five gallon bucket of pool filter sand in your pump house.

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