A Few of the Many Important Benefits of Ensuring Your Children Know How to Swim From a Very Young Age  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

During 1988 and 1989, 149 children died because of drowning in the UK. Today in Britain, it is the second leading cause of accidental death amongst children aged 1-14 years. With statistics like these, any pool owner should seriously consider ensuring their pool is safely fenced, and every parent should ensure their children attend age appropriate swimming classes.

Reduce the Risk

Despite these bad statistics, others show that children die in overseas drowning accidents in greater numbers than those who die of the same causes at home. Children who are unable to swim are at greater risk if they swim whilst on holiday than when they are at home in the UK. These statistics, whether using the home or abroad statistics are concerning, but they are also preventable with some early swimming training, which can begin early in your child's first year of life and continue throughout their childhood.
Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Of course, whilst being safe swimming is an important benefit of learning to swim, it is also a healthy lifestyle choice. Swimming encourages muscle development and young children who learn to swim develop greater flexibility and stronger bones and muscles. They are also less likely to become overweight by participating in a sport, and swimming is one of the best weight control activities regardless of age.

Swimming is an activity that all the family can benefit from. It is a wonderful way to promote a healthy life style to all members of the family regardless of age or gender. Most swim schools provide classes for every age and swimming ability. Pursuing an activity together is one of the many ways to strengthen your family relationships..

Boosts Self-Confidence

Helping your child accomplish different milestones will always boost their self-confidence. Swimming is a sport that must be taught according to a child's developmental ability. As children develop physically, they are able to achieve the next swimming level and this contributes to their developing self-confidence and achievements in other activities.

Each milestone a child achieves is an encouragement to set goals and move to the next milestone. This is an important life skill and although this may not seem relevant to your very young baby, swimming classes even at this early stage in their life, is setting them up for success in the future. You may choose to help your child learn to swim for safety reasons, but the impact and benefits are far reaching, not only for your child but also for your entire family

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