A Giant Pool in the Mountain

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2010 in Articles

In the surroundings of Lujan de Cuyo you can find Embalse El Carrizal (El Carrizal Dam), a colossal water reservoir with an extensive list of leisure activities to do in it.

The El Carrizal Dam is shared by the departments of Rivadavia and Lujan de Cuyo. Taking the National Route 40 to Ugarteche and arriving at the juction with the Provincial Route 16, is the easiest way to get to this reservoir. This itinerary takes you directly to this giant volume of water; already considered a major tourist complex.

This magnificent dam is made of earth and stone, with a core and a base of clay, damming a mirror of water 15 km. long and 4 km. wide. El Carrizal Dam was built in order to control and regulate the Tunuyan River and its changing flow. This way, the water can be used to supply the numerous irrigation systems installed over the entire region.

Following the road you can get to the eastern part of the dam, crossing the wall where you can see the blue waters of the lake and the spillway. Plenty of marinas were settled on that margin: the Mendoza Yacht Club, Rivadavia Fisheries and Boating Club (with a windsurfing school), Kingfisher and Pelican, among others. Puerto Carrizal Resort has an excellent infrastructure, ready to welcome visitors from all over the world. This modern building has a splendid swimming pool, several types of restaurants and food courts where you can enjoy regional meals and international cuisine courses, always accompanied by delicious wines made in Cuyo region.

The construction of the reservoir began in 1970, and no recreational facilities were planned at that moment. However, the development of an infrastructure aimed to leisure activities came spontaneously. The surroundings of the dam have abundant forestry, making the zone ideal for camping or any other outdoor activity.

In fact, there are lots of sports that can be practiced there. For example: horseback riding, trekking, hiking, and fishing.

In less than an hour from any Mendoza's 5 Stars Hotel, you can arrive to El Carrizal Dam and find an endless diversity of activities to try in this colossal artificial lake. From a quiet fishing afternoon to an exciting water skiing experience, everything can be done in El Carrizal Dam and its neighboring areas.

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