A Glance At the Most Affordable of Hayward Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2009 in Articles

If you are considering having a swimming pool installed in your backyard and assume that the cost will be high then you may be relived to know that you can now pick up a Hayward pool filter for far less then you may have thought. Also, you get the same level of quality on all Hayward pool filters regardless of the price you pay.

Star Clear Hayward Pool Filters

The Star Clear cartridge filter is a very popular unit that features all of the latest cartridge technological innovations in Hayward pool filters. The reason that it is one of their most popular models is that it costs only $184.99 complete and that includes both the filter and the pump!

Hard to Find a Better Deal

Would you believe that one Hayward pool filter costs only $89.99? They are the super affordable Micro Clear and Easy Clear Hayward pool filters. If you are thinking of a smaller to mid sized above ground pool then this may be one way to save some money.

The Very Latest In Cartridge Filter Technology

Then there is the Star Clear Plus cartridge Hayward pool filter. It's a top quality feature packed cartridge pool filter that contains all of Hayward pool filters latest cartridge innovations. It comes as a complete unit with attached pump, ready to go for only $289.99.

Hayward Pool Filters Super Pump Series

Hayward pool filters also feature their super pump series. All of these pool filters contain Hayward's latest innovations, such as see through clear pump screen covers for quick and easy maintenance and supper quite fans.

Less Noise and Lower Power Bills

Not only do these new high tech fans cut down on annoying pool house noise but they also do a much better job of cooling the motor. Super Pump motors also cut down on power bills by pumping more water using less energy.

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