A Green Way to Keep Your Swimming Pool Warm

by Pool Builders on 06-06-2010 in Articles

Ever heard of solar pool covers? A solar pool cover is that huge piece of bubble-like wrap that hovers above your swimming pool and serves to heat up the water in your pool the whole season. That's basically what it is, but you may be wondering, what benefit does a it offer? Solar covers are considered to be the most economical way to provide heating to your pool in the months of summer. Known also as a solar blanket, this cover acts pretty much like a blanket in that it traps the heat that the water gets from the sun and keeps it within the pool. If you are the type of person that has a difficult time getting right into the water then a solar blanket is a must for you.

With every day that passes during summer, your pool is wide open to the sun and its heat. This causes the pool water to be warm which makes it very ideal to take a dip in. However, when night time sets in, the temperature naturally drops. This, in turn, causes the pool to evaporate and lose much, if not all, of the heat it has accumulated during the day. This explains why water in your pool is cold in the morning.

Installing a solar cover on your swimming pool during daytime enables the water to gather heat, especially if your solar blanket has a dark blue or black color. If you leave the cover on the whole night, it should prevent the heat from escaping so that your pool remains heated up until the next morning. Continuous heating takes place when the sun is up the rest of the day. Going with a solar cover option for your swimming pool is an excellent way to save on money that you would otherwise spend buying a gas heater. Rely on natural sunlight to keep your pool warm - it's a good first step to being a friend to the environment. It can also save you virtually hundreds of dollars every year if you are currently paying to heat your pool.

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