A Guide to Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2010 in Articles

When it comes to your swimming pool chemicals, it is best to be safe by consulting with professionals before you treat your pool because you might do more harm than good when you try to do it yourself without any background information to guide you. When done the wrong way, your pool chemicals might cause you some health problems later on so here are some tips to help you start.

If you are have a new pool or starting to clean it up for the summer season there are manufacturers of pool supplies out there that can help you with your water treatment and some provide you with a starter kit that gives you the basic chemicals that will treat your pool and some even provide a water tester kit.

You can start by dosing the chlorine granules in you pool by dissolving it first in a bucket of water and then pouring the mixture in the water, this must also be done with all your other swimming pool chemicals when they are in granular form. By doing this, you can avoid the chemicals from settling in the surfaces of your pool and therefore causing some adverse effects. To make sure they are evenly distributed, you can stir your pool's water with your pool brush when the motor pumps are turned off.

Maintain your usage of pool chemicals to a minimum to ensure chemical balance in your pool and when you want to calculate the chemical dosage needed for your swimming pool, you must use a water meter to fill up your pool and get the accurate volume of water.

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