A Guide to Private Villa Pool Heating

by Pool Builders on 07-21-2008 in Articles

Every spring and summer without fail one issue can be guaranteed to arise in our business - heated private villa pools. Each year we hear of a range of issues from pools being too cold to pools being too hot. Unfortunately pool heating is not an exact science and of course one man's refreshing swim is another man's ice bath. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect and what you need to watch when ordering and paying for additional pool heating.

Pool heating is usually an additional extra when renting a villa. Not all properties have this facility and there is usually a charge for this which is dependent on the property being rented. Normally, the minimum period for pool heating is seven days and thereafter the charge will be pro rota.

Many villas have a pool cover and it is recommended that if the villa has this facility, the cover be used at night as this does help with the effectiveness of any pool heating. Unsurprisingly, if the cover is left off, no complaints regarding the effectiveness of the pool heating and the temperature of the pool will be entertained. For villa owners a pool cover is recommended however villa renters should be aware that not all pools come with a cover.

Despite what some people on holiday would have you believe the weather can have an effect on the temperature of the pool and renters should be aware that heavy rain or excessive cold may nullify the effects of pool heating. Also it is unrealistic to expect the pool heating to warm the water more that 8ºC above the average air temperature. Therefore if the average air temperature is say 12ºc then the pool temperature is unlikely to reach a comfortable temperature (most notable during the winter months). It is also important to be aware that if the pool is not used, for example as a result of bad weather etc the pool heating charges can not reasonable be expected to be refunded. The expense of heating a pool is incurred in the first couple of days therefore the villa renters will not receive a refund irrespective of the weather and what temperature the pool reaches.

However, where pool heating has been paid for and the management company identify that the heating system has unexpectedly failed the renter will be should be awarded a pro-rata refund - provided that the villa renter informs his/her lettings agent or villa owner/property manager of the failure at that time. There is no point in coming home from your holidays and then complaining about the pool heating.

The information above is based on the experiences of Select Resorts, a UK based villa rentals company and is only offered as guidelines to people renting villas either through a professional lettings agent or direct from an owner and are not legally binding.

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