A Guide to Safe Pool Installations  

by Pool Builders on 12-25-2011 in Articles

A clean, blue swimming pool excites everyone even if the person is a non-swimmer. It just feels so good when you see a water body just outside your house near the small garden. We all have enjoyed playing in water at some point in our life.

Nowadays it has become very easy to get pool installations done outside ones. A pool installation of standard size doesn't take more than a weeks time. The above ground pool installations work out cheaper for people who like to enjoy their summer swimming and enjoying in the pool.

Only thing mandatory is that there should be sufficient space in their backyard or their house premises.The first and foremost check that is necessary to be done for those who want pool installation done in their premise is for necessary permits. One should check based on their locality they are in, if there are any permits that needs to be taken or any requirement that they have to for fill. Once that part is over then the best pool installers has to be found out who are using the best of modern technology and install a longer lasting above ground pool.

There are many manufacturers who are doing the same with efficiency and very good results by making use of steel or aluminium bases as per budget. Before hiring a manufacturer for pool installations it will be good to check their procedure used for installation. Before deciding on a site for installations it is important to make an assessment by the pool installers through site inspection if the site is suitable for this purpose or not. Usually the contractor will pay a visit and inspect the area. The entire process of installing the above ground pools is done step wise with lot of precision.

The ground is leveled appropriately and if needed stones or stone dust is put on the ground so that the soil beneath it settles evenly and there is no risk of the pool sinking down due to the water pressure. Then for a smooth base the use of mason sand is recommended which should again be spread evenly on the base. Next step in pool installations is to pack masonry sand all over the pool bottom. One can take measures to check the grass growth as it may damage the pool liners. Once the bottom of the pool is prepared the final part is to construct the walls of the pool. The shape can be as desired by the client; round or oval. After constructing the wall a uniform cove is fit to the inside perimeter of the pool to avoid corrosion. Finally the vinyl liner which has been selected by the customer is installed. It has to be spread evenly with minimum wrinkles. Finally the frame is assembled completing the pool installations. Before starting to use the pool one must carefully read the instruction booklets or any manuals that may be provided by the manufacturers and all the safety measures that is to be taken care of.

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