A Guide to Swimming Pool Pricing

by Pool Builders on 02-08-2012 in Articles

An above-ground pool is by far the cheapest kind of pool you can install, although many of the ongoing expenses such as filtration systems and the cost of chemicals will be much the same as though the pool were in-ground. There are also two different costs associated with above-ground pools. The first is the cost of the actual pool itself, which can fall anywhere in the range of $1500 - $4500. This covers the cost of the pool kit, which you'll need to have someone install for you. That's the second cost and it can be as much as the pool itself, running from $1000 - $3000.

All of that is still relatively cheap compared to the cost of an in-ground pool, which can cost anywhere from $20,000 - $40,000 for an average-sized basic pool. Of course with any pool, especially in-grounds, the larger the pool the more it's going to cost to build and maintain. Swimming pools can also come with many different features such as water features, diving boards, and heating systems, to name just a few. The more features there are, the more the swimming pool will cost.

A well designed specialty pool will often start at $50,000 and grow from there depending on your features, material selections, yard conditions, and backyard oasis dreams.

In addition to the cost of building and installing the pool, there are other expenses that you'll need to keep in mind as well, all of which will have a direct effect on what your swimming pool ultimately costs. These include: any additional property taxes or insurance that will need to be paid; additional electricity and other energy costs; the costs of building a fence or installing other safety features; how much chemicals for the pool will cost; how much it will cost to landscape around the pool; and how much lighting will cost.

When it's time to install a swimming pool, there can be a lot of costs involved. And all of those can make it very difficult to determine just how much you're going to pay. Use this guide though and when you're shopping around for your swimming pool, you'll know what's reasonable, and what's completely out of the question. You'll also know that when looking for a swimming pool design and builder, you get what you pay for, so beware of cost cutting companies. Look for someone with a strong reputation, a style that you like, and someone who has references in the area of people they have worked for.

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