A Gym Under a Water Fall  

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

This is just a slight tweak in the most conventional fitness center designs but centara avenue residence has made it more interesting to work out in its fitness gym. Although anyone can go to any fitness gym of their choice, the idea that the Centara condominium hotel provides its residents easy access to things that can help them keep up with their health issues is very nice and convenient. The residents need not become a member of outside gym classes just so they can use the gym facilities available in the specific fitness gyms.

The fitness room in Centara is not huge in dimension because it only stands about at a 60 meters size. However it is definitely fully furnished with state of the art equipments. What more, the equipments do not just come from any other exercise equipment manufacturer but actually from an internationally known and leading company of top exercise machines designed to help improve an individual's health performance €" the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science. Among the few exercises that the residents can engage when they use this fitness room would be exercises for cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

The Centara fitness room is technically loaded with different exercise machines from Cybex. Inside, the residents will find that they have access to high end cross trainers, bikes and steppers, functional trainers, treadmills and free weights. These different exercise machines address different physical health purposes. The free weights for example are for developing strength and increasing muscle mass if the residents using them are not entirely in good condition when it comes to muscle tones. The cross trainers, bikes and steppers and treadmills on the other hand are good for the heart. Using them would lift up cardiovascular endurance, allowing the residents to burn calories without getting into possible accidents such as straining their knees and joints when they perform outdoor cardiovascular exercises like jogging. Also, these machines are a great way too of improving the immune system, and Cybex made sure that their designs fit the needs of their vast users in no time at all. To have such equipments then in the centara avenue residence is really a great opportunity for all those health conscious residents. Two walls of the fitness room are lined with top to bottom mirrors. These allow the residents to view themselves while they are working out so they can check whether they are doing the exercises properly or not. The fitness room is also appropriately illuminated with the same bluish backlit lights found in the Centara lobby.

But the fitness room and the sophisticated fitness materials are not the main attraction for the condominium hotel residents health buffs. Centara has made the whole fitness set up more appealing to the residents by building a fitness center that is directly below some man-made waterfall and tropical slides of the central swimming pool in the ground level. Thus, when one would look outside the glass windows of the fitness room, it would seem that one is looking from behind some waterfall. This is quite a unique attribute then since such cannot be found in just any other gym room.

Other than the fitness room under a waterfall, the other health line amenities of Centara are its sauna and steam room which has a Jacuzzi as well, and its 70 meters swimming pool that is decorated with tropical themed lounge chairs, sidebar and again waterfalls and slides. The residents then can not only work out in the fitness room but can take the tiredness off from their bodies through relaxing in the sauna and steam rooms as well as refresh themselves in the pool. These are thus great ways to help them focus on exercise and leisure at the same time.

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