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by Pool Builders on 11-21-2011 in Articles

The Vision Pattaya Condo does not just give spectacular sea views and city wide sights, but it gives its future residents a nice way to exercise in peaceful surroundings regardless of the exercise form taken. The fully equipped gym with its weights and other exercise machines can provide a quiet time for getting fit and healthy, if the residents do not want to be in some noisy environment. The gym, which is situated high above the grounds, ensure that the gym users are beyond ears of the lively Pratumnak Ring Road with all its business establishments and traveling private and public vehicles. Now although this can be a favorite area for getting healthy for the residents, the best way however to earn that healthy lifestyle is to make use of the condominium's roof deck swimming pool.

Outside the gym is the Vision's infinity design swimming area. It is impressive with its mini waterfall feature and sunbathing recliners. Landscaped and potted greeneries placed at the corners add to the inviting atmospheric impact that the swimming area has on the condominium's residents. There are several chairs too situated all around the swimming pool for those who just want to take a break from everything else and lazily saunter around the place. The roof deck swimming pool€s infinity design makes it look like it's a continuation of Pattaya's bay line water view, the seascape that can be viewed in front of the pool. In order not to have any view obstruction such as cement balconies or tiled terraces, the developers of the Vision made sure that what would serve as the balustrade for the entire pool area is made up of glass. Thus, future residents of the condominium can expect see an entire swimming area that is surrounded by glass railings, making the whole place seem delicate. The Vision Pattaya Condo residents need not worry though if the glass railing is really safe or not. The developers are confident that the glass and aluminum finish of the Vision are strongly built in and glazed over.

Another key aspect of the highlighted Vision swimming pool is that it has lounge lobbies too. The lounge lobbies are nice areas to just sit around and wait for a friend or two. Found in the lobbies are soft couches and low tables. The simple sets are a good measure for helping people unwind and relax after swimming or even if not after swimming. Also, the sky view caf© would gladly serve their cuisines and beverages outside the sky caf© area. Thus the residents can enjoy simmering coffee and appetizing dishes while they wait for other people in the lobby or even while they are swimming. If the residents don't want to loiter around after they are done using the pool, they can have sauna baths and spas at the same floor as well. These two things can be a great finale for all the exercising the future residents would possibly have done for the day.

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