A Helpful Guide to Swimming Pool Care

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2009 in Articles

Hiring an expensive swimming pool care service isn't feasible for everyone, but the good news is that's there are lots of easy, simple techniques you can follow to ensure you pool remains safe and healthy for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Here is a quick guide on pool care tips that you can do you yourself.

Pool care tip #1:

Purchase a simple pool testing kit, but ensure you don't use it on rainy or windy days. Readings may be inaccurate and difficult to obtain, wasting your time and energy. Wait a full day after a rain shower or windstorm to ensure you get proper readings.

Pool care tip #2:

Clean your pool's filter at the beginning, middle and end of the your pool use season. Use a filter degreaser to remove oils that may have built up.

Pool care tip #3:

Use a flock and metal removal agent, which are inexpensive and can save you valuable time. Ensure that you wait at least a full day-day and a half before using your pool vacuum to clean up the left over agent.

Pool maintenance tip #4:

Ensure that you skim your pool a couple of times a week to remove bugs, leaves, and trash that can accumulate there, and empty the skimmer baskets so that your filter doesn't get clogged.

Pool maintenance tip #5:

Spend some cleaning your pool's wall or tiles at the water line to prevent unsightly stains from forming.

Pool care tip #6:

On a weekly basis, add an anti-algae agent to the water to stop algae from growing. A little of the agent goes a long way.

Pool care tip #7:

Also on a weekly basis, shock the pool. Generally one bag of shock is good for every 10,000 gallons of water. If your pool has been used more than average, if there have been heavy rainstorms or you live in a particularly warm climate, you might need to add more shock.

Pool maintenance doesn't have to take more of your time than gardening would and with these helpful tips you will be able to save money time and take pride in the care of your swimming pool.

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