A Historical View of Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 07-24-2011 in Articles

For a contemporary invention, swimming pools are rather historical piece of our modern civilized luxurious culture. They have been around since 3rd B.C, first to be found in the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro named to be the 'Great Bath'. The construction of pools crops up everywhere in history.
It can be found among the Mughal Empire, The Romans who built artificial pools for training, Greeks, English had their first pool in 19th Century. By 1876, six indoor pools were built in London and Americans had their first one in 1907 while in Sirilanka pools were called, "Kuttam Pokuna" in the 4th B.C. 'Piscine or Piscina' is the word for pool used all over Europe.Of course, back in the time, it was such a high class luxury only afforded by the rich but now pools are very much common.

They can be found both publically and privately, indoor and out door, in Hotels, resorts, houses. By the time World War I came around, pools were a rather dramatically improved. Home pools became popular in American during World War II. And as swimming was added to be an Olympics sport, the demand for swimming pools both privately and publically increased radically.Thanks to the latest technology pools have now turned to be disposable and moveable made out of plastic. However, having a pool means constant sanitation.The bigger the pool the harder it is to clean it, the more attention it requires. The water needs to be clean of all bacteria and viruses. Bacteria, algae and insects can enter the poll if water is not sterilized properly.

Chemically disinfectants such as Chlorine and Bromine are commonly used to keep the pool clean. Covering the swimming pool also helps in reducing the chances of Bacteria and other viruses. Many people have installed automatic pool cover installations in both public and private pools. Also, the depth length and the width of the pool matters substantially if children are involved. Special low depth, pools are built for children. pools need to be handled with caution. Through out the history many people have drowned or committed suicide in the pools. Tiberinus Silvius, ninth Latin king of Rome drowned in River Tiber where as William Adelin, son of King Henry the I of England drowned in the Channel in 20th November.Now days, many luxurious swimming pools can be found through out the world. According to record, the largest pool in the world is San Alfonso del Mar Seawater pool in Algarrobo, Chile built in December 2006 where as the largest indoor swimming pool is built in North America. The largest Is located in Tibet China.

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