A Life Lesson Learned From My Daughter's Swimming Lesson

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2013 in Articles

Tonight I took my four year old daughter to her very first swimming lesson. We put on her suit, wrapped her head in a swimmer's cap and off we were. The kids were divided into different groups, four kids to a teacher. The teacher put a life vest on each kid and set them at the edge of the pool. One by one the kids held onto a paddle board as they made their first swimming attempt with an instructor, then, it was Jaidin's turn. She stood up, ran to me and said "Daddy, I'm not getting in that water". I told her she was here to learn and she had to be brave and get in the water. I assured her that Landon (her teacher) would take care of her she just had to trust him. She went back to the edge of the pool lowered herself into the water and made her first lap.

Their second task was to go 10 feet or so with the paddle board by themselves. One by one they went, then, it was Jaidin's turn. She got up ran to me and said "Daddy, I can't do this by myself". I told her she had to be brave and not give into her fear. She pulled her swimmer's cap down over her ears, went to the water, lowered herself in and made the solo trip. She was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. You could see the feeling of accomplishment on her young little face.

Their next task was to "race" another kid in their group. This was hardly a race but they seemed to enjoy the name. The first group went, and then, it was Jaidin's turn. She ran to me and said "Daddy, I don't want to do this". I asked her why and she told me she didn't know how to swim. I told her that is what we were here for and to get out there and get in the pool. She went back, lowered herself in and beat the other kid!

Every day I face the fear of doing something I have never done before. I face the fear of writing a new children's book, the fear of building a website, the fear of writing articles and most importantly, the fear of being no good and failing at it all, I have to force myself to "get in the water". As I was coaching my daughter to be brave and get back in the water a new sense of power flooded my head. If this little girl could fight her fear of drowning I could surely fight my fear of hitting keys on a pad! I knew at that moment how easy it would be to fight of the fear of writing an article for the first time and how simple it would be to add a new page to my site or improve the content. I found the strength to face my fears through the courage of my daughter!

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