A List Of The Basic Safety Measures That You Need To Know When Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 05-05-2012 in Articles

Swimming is amongst the most favored recreational activities by many people. It's one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by people coming from different age groups. Going for a swim on summer days can be quite refreshing and also fun because it helps you to stay cool and, at the same time, it keeps you fit. Inasmuch as swimming can be fun, it can also be dangerous. In America, swimming is reported to be the second accidental killer for children with ages from 1-19 years. This shows that a lot of safeguards need to be observed when you are swimming. The following are some of the safety precautions that should be observed when swimming, in order to prevent accidents.

The first and most essential thing for you to do is to know how to swim. If you want to enjoy yourself in the beach or lake, you must be ready to learn how to swim because simply wading in the shallow end of the waters is certainly no way to have fun. If you can swim, you also have a much lower chance of drowning compared to someone who doesn't know how to swim.

Make sure that kids are watched over by an adult when they're swimming. Even if they can swim, there is always the chance that something can go wrong which is why there must be an adult to watch out for them at all times. Conversely, if you are an adult and you are taking a swim, it is suggested that you have someone with you. Always make sure that someone is looking out for you and knows where you are all the time.

Don't swim if you're under the influence of booze. Just as it is with driving, drinking and swimming do not go together. When you're swimming, you need to be alert all the time. Drinking alcohol will impair your judgment, your balance, and your focus. Swimming while under the influence of alcohol will heighten your chances of getting into an accident.

Don't dive head first, especially when you are swimming in unfamiliar waters. Before you jump, you must be aware of how deep the waters are. If the waters are shallow and you dive head first, there's a high chance that you could hit your head, resulting to a serious injury or perhaps your death. Similarly, do not play dangerous games when you're swimming. Always remember that a number of games can be dangerous when played while swimming. Games that include holding on to someone, dunking someone, or faking a drown, can be dangerous and should be avoided.

As much as possible, do not drink water while you're swimming. The water coming from lakes, seas, and even pools may contain microorganisms that can make a person sick. Also, if you intend to swim in a swimming pool, it's advised that you shower first before getting in to prevent the spread of bacteria to other people.

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