A Look at Different Kinds of Pool Pumps

by Pool Builders on 08-22-2010 in Articles

When it concerns buying the best pool pumps, it pays to look for one that is made from the latest technology and which is energy efficient as well as convenient to use. It should also boast of enhanced features including a high performance motor.

Pool pumps should also meet quality standards and since it is the heart of the circulation system in a pool, it must be chosen with great care. This is an item of equipment that will keep the water in a pool moving throughout the entire pool equipment system. You need a pump that will provide steady power to ensure proper circulation and filtration of the water in a swimming pool.

These pumps must also be dependable as well as economical and they should be robust, heavy duty. Look for products that are made from thermoplastic which is corrosion proof and properly molded and which can handle all kinds of pool environments.

There are two types of pool pumps to choose from and these are the in ground and above ground types. Whichever type you need for your pool, you need to ensure that it is designed and engineered to withstand the most exacting installations. You should also pick pumps that are quiet and powerful at the same time. These should also be easy to operate and maintain and of course they should boast of all the best features.

When picking above ground pool pumps, its size is one of the most important considerations and will obviously depend on the size of your pool. A rule of thumb is to use one horsepower for a pool that is not larger than twenty four feet in circumference. For a pool that is larger than twenty four feet, it is necessary to use a pump with one and a half horsepower.

Above ground pool pumps are not so costly and so is most peoples first choice. The best part about these pumps is that they can be positioned anywhere that is convenient and they can also be removed and placed at another location. So, if you plan to move then this is the best option for you.

A major factor why it pays to use above ground pumps is that they will keep the water in the pool moving and this prevents stagnation. A stagnant pool can easily become infected by all kinds of insects and so in order to prevent this from happening, it pays to install a good pump in your pool. Whether you choose an above ground or in ground pool is a matter of personal preference.

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