A Look at Pool Solar Heating

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2010 in Articles

Having a pool means maintaining and cleaning it regularly. If you're living in country that has more cold season than hot ones you probably have a boiler heating system to heat your pool. There is a cheaper alternative when it comes to heating your pool like the pool solar heating which is now commonly used by an ever growing number of pool owners.

On cold days a cold pool may deter you and your kids if you have any from swimming. If you have a pool heating system you can use your pool at anytime of the day whenever you need. You can buy a pool solar heating that can heat your pool using the heat from the sun.

The solar heating system uses the suns energy to heat your pool by using a process known as convection. Convection is when warm water rises when the cold portion of water sinks at the bottom and stays there.
Pipes are installed in your pool. Those pipes are there to keep the water flowing in your pool. The pipes are installed with solar panels which are directly connected or attached to the pipes. These solar panels heat the water going through the pipes which is then distributed to the entire pool, so the pool is evenly warmed by the warm water creating convection.

If you want to maximize the full potential of your pool heating system, adjustments are in order. Installing a filter in your outlet pipe can prevent clogging in your pipe system if clogging happens it may hamper with the convection. Installing a bleed valve to the highest portion of your pipe is a way to prevent air from forming in you pipes that can hamper convection.

Tuning your solar heating pool to operate properly you may need to invest in a non-return valve. The non-return valve can be purchased at any hardware stores online or locally. The non-return valve is installed at the cold inlet that is flowing towards the solar panel of the pool solar heating. Purchasing the non-return valve allows you and your family, if you have any, to use the pool during nighttime as well even if there is no sun present. Pool solar heating is cheaper since the energy it uses is for free and naturally comes from the sun unlike traditional heaters which consume large amounts of electricity to heat your pool.

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