A Plethora of Old and New Styles For Your Outdoor Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-02-2008 in Articles

In addition to the primary function of a pool, budget and landscaping are key factors when considering pool design. Among the many kinds of pools available are geometric pools, lap pools, diving pools, spas or hot tubs, kiddie pools and more.

There are new and creative styles of elegant, eccentric, and extremely luxurious pools now growing in such popularity. Freeform pools, perimeter overflow pools, spools, or negative edge pools add a touch of unique beauty to your home instead of the same old cookie-cutter pool design. On the other hand, a cookie cutter pool is perfect if you want specifically to practice diving or just swim laps, or if it is simply the design you prefer.

When purchasing a pool it may be difficult to know exactly what you want at first. Or perhaps you have a picture in your mind of the perfect pool, and all you need to do is work with your money and your space! Discover the many possibilities of outdoor pools to choose from on the market today. Either way, this article reviews common, exotic, as well as custom designs for your consideration.

One of the marvels of the landscaping/at-home outdoor entertainment design world is called the negative edge pool (my personal favorite.) Unfortunately, if you want to build your own negative edge pool you will be unsuccessful without professional assistance. Although you will definitely need a very gifted professional company with accurate and precise design, the negative edge pool is one of the most visually stunning pools. It is certainly a sight of splendor that enhances the overall ambiance of your home outdoors. A negative edge pool is designed to appear as though it extends indefinitely onto the horizon, like a large lake or the sea. Therefore, it takes precise calculation of space, landscape and design by an expert in the profession to make the illusion work. Another name given to this kind of pool is the "infinity pool."

Now, there are some pools that are easy to work into a smaller budget and / or with less yard space. For example: the spool. A spool is a combination of a spa and a pool. In other words, it is an oversized hot tub. A spool is less expensive because of its size as well as its strong circulation system, and can fit easily into a less spacious backyard. Diving pools and play pools are also small and fun, but not as costly as a regular-sized or larger pool.

Custom design your own pool, especially if you want it to really meld into your outdoor garden by choosing a freeform-style pool. With a freeform pool, the design is dictated by the landscape of your home outdoors. A flowing waterfall designed to cascade into your pool with a natural rock and concrete boundary, a darker base for the illusion of depth or for a more natural look, a bridge, and more are all just a few of the freeform possibilities. A darker base will actually help naturally heat your pool if it is in direct sunlight. It also provides the illusion of a greater depth of water, or a more natural look overall. However, lovely freeform pools with rock walls, abstract shapes as well as cascading fountains are also built with pale concrete bases that are white or light blue. These kinds of freeform pools create a crystalline, lagoon-style look that is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Whether you know exactly what design of pool you want or are still searching, there are many common, exotic, decorative, practical, luxurious, as well as custom home pool designs for you to consider. So take your time, look around, and perhaps even work with a professional to find the very best pool for your home.

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