A Pool Dome Enclosure Can Mean Year Round Swimming For You

by Pool Builders on 01-09-2010 in Articles

With a pool dome enclosure you can extend your swimming season and maybe even be able to swim year round. A solar pool dome enclosure uses the sun's energy to heat your pool and the air around it.

A pool dome enclosure is a solar pool cover that is suspended by a frame high enough above the water so you can still swim under it while it is still heating your pool. Not only does it heat your pool, it also heats the air inside the dome by up to 40 degrees. Imagine if it's 40 or 50 degrees outside it could be 80 or 90 degrees inside the dome.

This can greatly extend your swimming season. You can start earlier in the spring and swim well into the fall. If you have a mild enough climate you may even be able to swim year round. The enclosure will block wind that could chill a swimmer even on a warm day. It also keeps the wind from cooling the surface of the water.

Solar domes will often be made of materials that block UV rays that can cause sunburns and lead to skin and eye damage. But it lets enough through so you can get a tan. Year round tan anyone? Even if the water is too cold to swim a dome can be a warm place to lay in the sun on a cold but sunny day.

A pool dome will help keep your pool clean by blocking leaves bugs and debris. This can help save you money on cleaning and pool maintenance.

Pool dome enclosures are a low cost way to get an indoor pool that still provides the benefits of an outside pool.

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