A Pool House Could Be a Great Addition to Your Backyard Pool Oasis

by Pool Builders on 12-31-2010 in Articles

You have had a pool in your backyard for several years now but are looking for a way to make it more of a "vacation spot." Have you ever considered adding a pool house? This addition can truly transform your yard into an oasis of relaxation and have a complete outdoor living area that you can design for either relaxation or entertaining or both.

The construction of this type of building is not a new idea but they are gaining in popularity especially as part of a home improvement project. Pool industry officials note that in 2003, swimming pool installation increased by close to 5% but sales of pool houses and their construction soared by 50% in recent years.

Pool houses are not only a welcome addition but they are becoming an expectation in upscale housing areas and pool houses are no longer one room buildings that you hop into to shower and change clothes. Today's buildings are luxury home additions complete with granite and marble countertop kitchenettes, luxury grills, appliances and upscale bathroom. These out buildings even double as guest houses with bedrooms or as additional office space.

The price tag attached to your backyard addition is directly related to size and accessories, sometimes reaching as high as $1,000 per square foot. There are some pool houses that can cost more than any other home construction project.

Depending on how often you use your pool area for entertaining, you might want to consider constructing a pool house as an additional entertainment or outdoor living area.

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