A Private Swimming Pool, Is it For You?

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2008 in Articles

Big Investments Call for Serious Contemplation

There are many factors that can determine the kind of pool that is best for you and your lifestyle. Before you contract to install a pool, it is important to know what you want. Some questions you may ask yourself are how you intend to use your pool and what size and shape you prefer. Some restrictive aspects to consider are the size of your backyard and how much money you can devote to the project. By weighing and considering these individual issues, you will be prepared to discuss you options with your contractor and you will have a solid foundation to base your decision upon.

Above-Ground Pools are an Affordable Option

Although above-ground pools are not made to last a lifetime, an above-ground pool is affordable and can be installed with little effort. Above-ground pools now come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and you can opt to have the pool installed by professionals. If you prefer to forgo the installation charges, instructions are generally drafted for the layperson that possesses a few do-it-yourself skills and the basic knowledge of tools. The entire project should not require more than the commitment of a full weekend. If you take proper care of your above-ground pool, it should last for many years and provide your family with plenty of summer recreation and relief.

Since your above-ground pool is not a permanent structure, you will have to keep up on issues like the wear and tear of the liner. One early warning sign of a torn liner is an unexplained increase in your water bill compared to earlier summers. These types of tears can be fixed in many cases with a do-it-yourself repair kit or a replacement liner usually found through the manufacturer or on the Internet. Other problems like a rusted edge or a broken ladder can be very dangerous and need to be replaced right away.

Pool Designs Vary from Standard to Specialized

A play pool is what most homeowners with a family choose. It is very common for a play pool to be no deeper than five feet when the general use of the pool is intended for leisurely swimming and relaxation. Deeper pools are intended for diving and athletic pursuits. A pool professional will be able to tell you whether a diving board addition is safe for the depth of your pool, but most experts will concur that a pool should not have a diving board unless it is at least nine feet deep. If you really want to use your pool for a vigorous workout, consider installing a lap pool. A lap pool is an in-ground pool that is long and narrow to accommodate long strokes and allows for extended periods of swimming without obstruction. The typical lap pool is around 50 feet in length, but the ultimate deciding factors are your preference, space limitations and budget.

Luxury and Decorative Pools for a Dramatic Effect

Some of the more luxurious pool options such as a negative edge pool or a perimeter overflow pool can be worth the investment if you're looking to add a dramatic touch to your real estate. If you want your pool to make a more natural impression, consider a waterfall for the effect of a hidden oasis. The pool-building industry has evolved over the years, and many builders have incorporated design theory and expertise to appeal to homeowners eclectic preferences. The shape of your pool will probably need to conform to the shape of the area where you intend to have the pool installed but can vary from straight-sided, geometric, round or free-form. It is always best to follow the advice of the professionals, but do your own research so that you can be sure that the choice you and your builder agree upon will satisfy your needs and preferences for the long-term.

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