A Quick and Easy Swim Work Out

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2010 in Articles

We've all heard the rumor...swimming is not only fun, but a great workout as well. But is it true? YES! You can have fun and trim fat at the same time! Not only is swimming great for you, but it's much easier on muscles, bones and joints than running or cycling.

So what should you do in your new swim workout? Ideally, your swim workout would be cardiovascular and work in resistance training. Begin your workout with a relaxing 100 or 200 meter swim to get your muscles warmed up.

Once warmed up, begin your work out. Sprint one length of the pool (two if it is a short pool), then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat nine times. After ten, you should be very tired. Take a few minutes to relax afterwards, and drink some water if you feel thirsty.

If you are just starting and having trouble with sprints, just swim at a fast pace. Different strokes use different muscles, so you are going to want to practice a variety of styles within the workout. The backstroke and freestyle, or front crawl, both work pectorals, shoulders, quadriceps and triceps, but from different angles. You can do either five laps of one then five of the other, or switch back and forth for the ten laps.

The breaststroke and butterfly both work biceps, triceps, pectorals and groin muscles. The butterfly also works abdominals. The next time you do your swim work out, use these two strokes instead of the backstroke and freestyle.

As you find this to be less and less challenging, add laps- eventually getting up to 100 and even 500 meter sprints.

Swimming, because it builds endurance, strength and speed without the wear and tear of running, is a great way to exercise if you have an injury or problems that keep you from running.

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