A Review Of The Hayward AquaBug Above Ground Pool Vacuum  

by Pool Builders on 02-14-2011 in Articles

The Hayward AquaBug is easily one of the most popular above ground pool vacuums. It is an automatic pool cleaner designed for above ground pools with vinyl liners. It works just as well on both flat bottoms and dished bottoms.

In the same way as with Hayward's other automatic pool cleaners, such as Diver Dave and Wanda The Whale, the AquaBug is self-propelled. It, just like the others, uses a technology patented by Hayward called SmartDrive, which programs the cleaner to maneuver more rapidly and more efficiently than most other bottom-roving cleaners, which maneuver in a random pattern.

The vacuum mechanism of the AquaBug is powerful. It sucks up everything from sand and microscopic particles to fallen leaves. If you will be using it to suck up leaves, you may want to invest in a leaf catcher, which will keep your filter from getting clogged. It's an inexpensive investment which will prevent you from spending time unclogging your filter, or, worse, having to repair it, which could cost you something.

Just as with Hayward’s other cleaners Wanda the Whale and Diver Dave, the AquaBug comes in a unique color and pattern, which sets it apart from other automatic above ground pool vacuums. Kids love the fun design, which looks like a big red bug - though not a scary bug, but a friendly one. But don't be fooled by its fun exterior; the AquaBug is one of the best automatic cleaners on the market.

The Hayward AquaBug operates with a standard above ground pool filtration system, so there is no need to purchase an additional booster pump. This is good because it saves energy, and therefore, of course, saves money on electricity bills.

One of the most important things about the AquaBug, as well as with most other automatic above ground pool vacuums, is that it keeps the pool clean with its powerful suction action instead of with the use of caustic chemical cleansers. The abundance of chemicals in the water can lead to poor health effects. This is especially important if there will be children swimming in the pool, since children's immune systems are not as well-developed as are immune systems of adults.

Full Specs
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