A Review of Baracuda Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 11-03-2008 in Articles

Baracuda pool cleaners are a well-known brand that offers sophisticated automatic and manual pool cleaners in the market. The brand offers various ways for cleaning the pools; you choose which method suits you the best.

Some of the many devices available from Baracuda

Baracuda G3: This pool cleaner from Baracuda pool cleaners is an inground robotic cleaner that is completely hassle-free. Baracuda G3 functions by cleaning up the whole in-ground region by catching the twigs, debris, dirt, bugs, leaves and even pebbles. The cleaner has the ability to clean corners, steps, as well as ladder areas due to its anti-stick design. This cleaning device has no requirement for any plumbing or special kind of tool.

Baracuda G4: This pool cleaner is an advanced version and has a unique rudder system for cleaning fast. The device works without any tools with suction and skimmer provided with it. This device is the latest from the Baracuda pool cleaners and is designed for easy servicing. The device has just one moving part for maintenance free operation. The large round disc on the head of the device is in contact with the floor of the swimming pool. This suction side automatic pool cleaner flaunts a range of design features that none of the other pool cleaners have.

Baracuda Pacer: This in-ground automated equipment can move smoothly in the ladder and step area. This product is affordable and when a hose is attached to the device, it runs all the time with the pump of the pool.

Baracuda Classic: This device ensures thorough cleaning of the pool. A special deflector device prevents any sticking and the anti-obstacle disc is another asset towards proper cleaning of the pool. The excessively strong translucent pipes of the device make it robust and the hydrodynamic design enhances the movement of the pool cleaner.

Baracuda Super G Plus: The double open disc is fabulous for climbing the walls and avoiding all the obstacles. A new automatic valve has been added to the device and it has been delivered with a leaf trap for enhancing the efficiency of the device.

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