A Safe Swimming Pool Doesn't Need Chlorine

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2009 in Articles

Pool chlorine products are not the only way to sanitize a swimming pool.

Many people do not like the toxicity and odor of water treated with chlorine and prefer other methods to keep their pool safe. It is not environmentally beneficial to use a lot of strong chemicals on a regular basis. A non-chlorinated pool feels and tastes better to a lot of people.

Salt Generators

Chlorine is created by a salt generator that transforms a tiny bit of added salt in the pool. Chlorine need not be routinely added. A treatment with chlorine of other oxidizing chemical will be needed if the pool becomes contaminated. The pool water needs to be checked regularly because with salt generators the ph tends to get high. Muriatic acid will reduce it.


Bromine is nice for tender skin and has no bad smell but it is more pricey than chlorine. It also needs to be added more often because it burns off quickly in sunlight. After mingling with harmful contaminants bromine continues to work where as chlorine becomes deactivated.


Impurities react with ozone, a form of oxygen which is active. When the ozone gas dissolves in water it combines with pollutants and oxidizes them the same way as chlorine. Because it makes them join together, they are easily removed form filters. You can cut chlorine use by 60% to 90% with ozone.

Copper and Silver

That copper kills algae and silver kills bacteria and viruses is well known. They have been used for water sanitization for a many years. After ionization by a very small amount of electricity, copper and silver react with the pollutants in the water destroying them.

The bacteria and algae join together so they are easier to remove from the filter. You will still need to regularly shock the pool with swimming pool chlorine or a non-chlorine oxidizer but regular chlorine usage will be greatly reduced.


Most people who keep their pool safe with different pool sanitizers do so because they are tired of consistently fighting algae, swimming on a regular basis in harsh chemicals and paying for the amount of swimming pool chemicals needed.

The options are there and a web search will help you find more detailed information if you want to find out more.

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