A Salt Water Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 05-13-2010 in Articles

You've hear of saltwater, of course. But in a swimming pool? It might seem odd, but homeowners who convert their swimming pools from fresh water to salt are growing in number. Why? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Every pool must be chlorinated to maintain the cleanliness of its water. Without chlorine, water can develop algae and become unsuitable for swimming. If your pool has proper chlorine levels, it's healthy and safe. But chlorine isn't cheap, and maintaining proper levels takes work and expense.

Installing a salt water pool isn't cheap, but in the long run it can save a substantial amount of money on chlorine. Because salt water performs the same functions as chlorine, you'll never need to buy any again. You'll save as much as $75 for every bucket of chlorine you would have purchased.

At this point you might be worrying that swimming in a salt water pool might be gross -- after all, swimming in ocean water isn't the most pleasant experience, and aren't home pools supposed to be cleaner and more predictable?

But there's no need for concern. The saltwater in your pool isn't the same as the salt water in the ocean. For starters, it's not as salty. The salt content of ocean water is about 35,000 parts per million; the salt content of a salt water pool is only about 3,500. You won't even taste it. And your pool won't have fish swimming around in it or kelp floating in it. Unlike chlorine, salt water won't turn your eyes red. And it's softer on your skin.

What's more, chlorine is a corrosive chemical in its pure form. It can ruin your clothes. It can burn your skin or your eyes. Of course it's not unsafe to add to your pool, but the process of doing so carries with it some risk. And if you accidentally spill the bucket into your pool, you're out of luck. The natural chlorine that salt water generates won't cause these kinds of problems.

Remember: Converting your pool to a salt water pool is no cheap prospect. But doing so is worth thinking about, if you want to save money in the long run, and avoid harsh chemicals.

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