A Short Guide to the Different Types of Spa Pools

by Pool Builders on 11-02-2014 in Articles

If you are new to the world of spa pools, you may be confused by the many different options which you have available. At the same time, it pays off to be knowledgeable and to have clear requirements as a buyer. You will certainly benefit from learning about the main types of spas which you can find in the market.

Types by Portability

There are two options in this category. These include the traditional fixed spa pools and the portable ones. In order to install a fixed model, you have to prepare the area. This may require the setup of a special platform. In some cases, you have to obtain a permission for installing the facility from the local building authority.

The portable models are inflatable. They makes them easy to unpack, set up, dismantle and put away. They can be installed anywhere and at any time, provided that there is sufficient space and connection to the water supply of the premises. They have several drawbacks, however. They are much less energy-efficient. They are less durable as well.

Types by Purpose

There are two main types of spa pools by purpose. The traditional models are designed to provide complete relaxation in warm water. They have comfortable seats which are aligned around the centre. The seats are equipped with air and/or water jets which work to provide the massage.

The swim models, on the other hand, are longer. They allow a person to lie in the water. They have a set of extremely powerful water jets installed on one of the shorter sides. The jets create resistance so that you can swim. The swim models have seats as well. These can be set around the swim area, but in this case you will have to change the water temperature frequently. They can be set in a separate tank so that you can have cooler water for swimming and warmer water for relaxation.

Types by Make

The wood models are true classics. They are beautiful and elegant. However, you cannot find perfectly moulded ergonomic seats inside them. Besides, you have to provide complete maintenance to the wood so that it stays in good condition.

The fibreglass and acrylic models are much more resistant to the elements compared to their wood counterparts. They are considered to be stronger as well. At the same time, they still require maintenance.

It is certainly a good idea to compare the different types of spa pools in advance so that you can narrow down your options when you go shopping.

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