A Simple Homemade Solar Pool Heater - Build Cheap DIY Solar Powered Swimming Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2008 in Articles

Pool heaters are needed to enjoy maximum usage of the pool all year long especially during the colder seasons. These heaters are quite costly and most require high consumption of electricity. This high cost coupled with environmental problems (greenhouse gases) caused by such make it less beneficial for use.

Solar pool heaters on the other hand, counters the negative impacts stated above and convert it to beneficial usage. It is ecologically friendly, has lower operational cost (it uses the free solar energy to run) and quite efficient in heating up the pool.

One way of making a solar pool heater is actually quite simple and does not need eccentric piping or equipment but only basic common sense. Water runs through long lengths of pipes and tubing. By suspending reflectors to these pipes, transfer of the sun's transformed heat energy is given to the long tubing. However piping must also be protected to avoid heat transfer especially when a blow of cold wind passes by.

Reflectors can be made of half cut larger pipes and sprayed with chrome paint to increase its ability to reflect the sun's rays. To attain the desired heated temperature on the pool by using this method a pump must be installed. The pump is needed to circulate the heated water from the pipes to the pool and the cooler water from the pool back to the pipes for reheating. This process may initially be a little costly since buying the pump requires a considerable investment, however after this tons of energy and money (these are long term effects) will be saved and return on this investment will be achieved.

All of these devices, pipes and reflectors are installed into one solar panel assembly for one purpose and that is heating up the pool. There is however no recommended size on how big or small this assembly can be, but estimates believe that a medium sized one can already suffice for spas and public pools as long as proper installation of it and considerable if not large amounts of the sun's energy can reach the assembly's reflectors. Proper installation of this panel includes the direction of where it faces which most experts suggest to be the sun's mid day position as the best way to capture most of the solar energy.

A good location is also quite important to ensure the efficiency of the designed solar pool heater. It is hardly useful if used in areas where the sun's glorious beauty is very minimal. Secondly, blockage also of the trees, plants and other items can also hinder or decrease the amount which can come into contact with the solar panel assembly and thus decreasing the electricity it can generate.

Overall, solar pool heater is highly recommended for use in local household pool, in institutions and commercial establishments.

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