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by Pool Builders on 05-24-2014 in Articles

The facts are indisputable: the hard water that is piped into the vast majority of our homes, offices, factories, and other constructions causes scale build-up. And scale build-up causes issues that result in wasted dollars. Scale build-up can lead to the following troubles:
- Clogged water pipes
- Lowered water pressure
- "Frozen" valves on taps
- Hard-to-remove film on shower tiles and doors
- White deposits on shower heads
- Spots and milky clouds on glassware and silverware
- Crusted rings in toilet tanks
- Poor sudsing of soaps, detergents, and shampoos
- Efficiency lessens in appliances that use water

So, it makes sense to use a water softener in your residence or workplace right? Not necessarily. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), deadly heart attacks and strokes are a lot more common in areas where water is either naturally soft or has been treated with water softeners to take away calcium and magnesium. The AHA additionally indicates that salt-softened water may cause an enhanced sodium level, which has been linked to a range of other health troubles including high blood pressure, water retention, and gall bladder sickness.
So, where does that leave you? If you don't soften your water, you run the possibility of damaging your pipes and fixtures - if you do soften your water, you run the risk of damaging your health. There is a healthy alternative: condition your water with magnetics. Magnetic water conditioning won't boost the sodium level in the water, and is totally safe for people with heart conditions and hypertension. Plus, magnets leave the minerals that are critical for good health in your water. Even plants and grass react to magnetically conditioned water by growing more rapidly and healthier.

Magnetically conditioned water feels fresher and cleaner than water conditioned with salt-based water softeners. There is no slippery feeling when showering, hair has more luster, and unsightly water spots on dishes, glasses, and vehicles are substantially reduced. Swimming pools and spas remain clean and crystal clear with smaller quantities of chorines, clarifiers, and purifiers.

An environmental movement to prohibit the use of water softeners that use salt is attaining momentum. More than 25 communities in California have already banned or restricted their use, claiming that they are hazardous to the surroundings, because the high levels of sodium can contaminate ground water and waterways, degrading drinking water supplies. Magnetic conditioners use no salts or chemicals.

Every time fluids run through the pipes and appliances in your house or through the motor in your vehicle, problems are developing problems that can wear down your equipment, cost you money, and damage our environment. Using magnetic water conditioning is beneficial for your residence, your health, and your earth.

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