A Solar Pool Is Best Among All Pool Heating Systems

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2010 in Articles

If you want to use your pool all round the year then you definitely need pool heating systems. This systems help to heat the water of your pool even in cold climates so that you can have a relaxing swim in cool winter nights. There are quite a number of systems by which you can heat your pool among which solar pool heating systems are the best. Some of them are discussed below.

Gas heating
This pool heating system involves the introduction of a propane tank inside the pool. This tank helps to maintain a moderate temperature throughout the pool in all types of weather. The advantage of this system is that it warms up the temperature of the pool in no time at all. But there is also one drawback in this system. The cost of the propane gas used in this system is quite high.

Electric pump heating
This system of pool heating is cheaper than that of gas heating. For producing around three to five units of heat energy they use up only one unit of electricity. This system involves around electric pumps that absorb the heat from the air around it and transfers it into the pool. It is advised that you should install bigger electric pumps because the smaller ones are not as efficient as the bigger ones during cold nights. The smaller ones can not run for long hours in cold temperatures.

Solar heating
In solar pool heating, solar panels will be located on your roof. These solar panels will absorb the heat of the sun rays and transfer it to your pool as a result heating it up. The solar panels are generally flat so that they can be easily laid over your roof and black so that they can absorb the maximum amount of heat. They are made of very high quality plastics which are ultra violet ray resistant and also bad weather resistant. These are the most cheap way of heating your pool. The source is natural and so no extra operating cost is needed. Moreover this solar pool system is environment friendly because they are using a renewable source of energy and as they are natural they are also not emitting any pollution.

Pool heating is absolutely necessary if you live in a country where the climate is always more or less cold. You can install any of the above systems as discussed above according to your budget and choice and enjoy swimming in your warm and comforting pool even during cold nights. But if you take my advice invest in a solar pool.

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