A Summary of Sports Activities to Enjoy on a Cruise  

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2012 in Articles

Cruises make fantastic holiday experiences, whether you are enjoying a river cruise across one of the world's fine oceans or travelling along one of the many majestic rivers around, such as the Rhine or the Amazon. Cruise ships don't just take you to amazing places these days; they are as entertaining, exciting and relaxing on board as your holiday is on land.

When it comes to sports as well, these ships can provide everything you need. Here are a few sporty activities that can be experienced on some of the great cruises around at the moment.

It may seem silly swimming on a cruise ship when you're in the middle of the sea, but believe us when we say that swimming pools aboard a cruise ship are better than swimming in the ocean! First, your cabin will only be a short journey away from the pool, and that means that an after-swim shower is never far away. All the other excellent cruise ship facilities are also very close at hand.

Ice Skating
Put your skates on and take to the ice on board a cruise ship, by the end of your journey who knows what shapes you could be throwing on the ice! As well as being able to have a go at skating yourself, skating professionals will sometimes put on exciting shows that will amaze onlookers, not just due to the amazing ice skating but also with the beautiful costumes.

Mini golf
Of course, you can't have a normal golfing experience aboard a cruise ship (if you lose a golf ball in the ocean you will be unlikely to find it again!), but you can most certainly have a mini golf experience on board. Mini golf is also great fun for both kids and adults, perfect for the family.

Rock climbing
All the gear you need to have a go at rock climbing is provided on board; all you need is a pair of socks and you are ready to go. Whether learning to climb for the first time or ready to push yourself to your speed limit, rock climbing on a cruise holiday offers you the chance to do all that whilst enjoying amazing sea or river views.

Surf is always up aboard a cruise ship, there is not a rough wave to be found here! Whether boogie boarding or surfing, enjoying the waves is great fun for everyone with the added safety elements that generated waves bring with them. You could even learn to surf on a cruise holiday, so when you get back home you can take to the waves for real.

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