A Swim Spa is Great For the Whole Family!

by Pool Builders on 05-16-2010 in Articles

If you would love to find a way to enjoy the benefits and fun of being in the water year round, you may just find owning your own swim spa to be the perfect way to do so. When you have your own swim spa you can stay fit by doing water aerobics or swimming laps in the swim portion or relax in the bubbly, hot water of the hot tub side.

A swim spa allows you to reap the benefits of relaxing in soothing swirling water at the end of a long, exhausting day or exercising to your heart's content, whether it be to lose weight, maintain weight, or just stay in shape with some good strength training. The part in which you swim, gives you the unique opportunity to swim laps in a very compact area because it is powered by internal turbines that create a current similar to that of an ocean that you swim against, just as you would in a strong tide.

You can always, of course, swim laps in a nearby public pool or exercise facility; the problem there, though, is the lack of privacy and the feeling of competitiveness with whoever might be swimming alongside you. When you have your own swim spa, you can swim at your own pace, and do so in the privacy of your own back yard.

Another option is always a nearby lake or even ocean, but there is always the issue of sand when you take to the beaches, which can put a bit of a damper of your swimming enjoyment.

Truly, a swim spa is the perfect solution; it takes up very little room, is quite a bit less costly than operating a pool, provides you with all the privacy you desire, and can make exercising more pleasant. The convenience of having it right there in your own back yard may increase the likelihood of your doing it more often as well.

You can choose to install your swim spa partially or fully in ground, or you may want to keep it at ground level as you would a typical hot tub so that you might take it with you should you decide to move. Whichever installation you prefer, you will be able to take pleasure in the benefit of not only soaking in a relaxing, steamy hot tub, but you will also enjoy the advantage of getting a regular workout anytime you want!

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