A Swim Up Bar? How Cool is That!

by Pool Builders on 12-09-2009 in Articles

There is something so amazing about stepping out into your backyard and being greeted with a pool. Perhaps it is the cool blue water, or perhaps it is the sense of play that a pool brings with it. Or maybe it is somehow when you step into that lush backyard it is like you are transported to vacation land. It may seem like it could not be better. However, what about adding a swim up bar to your backyard oasis? Is there anything cooler than that?

Swim up bars have been increasingly gaining popularity. Many people are looking for a way to add a bit more fun to their backyard. By adding a swim up bar to a regular pool you instantly add a bit of flare and an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Swim up bars have become so popular that many people base their entire backyard plan around them. In fact, they are probably one of the most frequently requested additions to backyard pools.

When you are looking at adding a swim up bar you will need to think about what you want for your entire backyard area. You need to take the time to think about what specifically you are looking for. You will want to think about what your overall drainage system is going to be in your back yard area. This is essential any time that you are adding a pool into a yard. Be sure that you are going to have the accurate drainage mechanisms in place or you might run into some trouble with your yard.

While mapping out your pool scape you will also want to think about the shade that you are going to want available. This can be accomplished with trees, but one of the best ways to add some shade is by adding in an umbrella or an awning. It makes sense that one of the areas that you want to add shade to is going to be the area around your swim up bar. Often when people are relaxing and having a drink they would like to get out of the sun, but not necessarily out of the water. If you create some shade covering in this area you will give those who need a respite from the sun a welcome oasis.

Additionally, you will want to give some thought to whether you want to add some seating to your swim up bar. Many of the luxurious swim up bars that you find at five star resorts feature underwater stools. You can create this type of seating adjacent to your swim up bar if you like. Or if you would rather do something different why not think about creating a level or an underwater bench that guests can sit on? A small detail like a seating area will really enhance the resort feel of your swim up bar.

Lastly, you will want to think about what your want your actual bar area to look like. You will be picking out countertops and even shelves to house the drinks. Trust yourself, and choose the features that you love, because if you love your swim up bar area you will look forward to using it. And as soon as word spreads that you have a backyard oasis you will become the new vacation destination on the block.

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