A Swimming Pool is Cool-literally  

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2007 in Articles

A swimming pool just oozes coolness from all sides of a privacy fence! Whether it's an above ground swimming pool or an in-ground swimming pool - nothing makes your lifestyle more fashionable (or popular) than your very own swimming pool.

Why? While swimming is, always has been, and always will be a favorite summertime activity, not everyone enjoys swimming in public pools or potentially dangerous and unsupervised rivers and lakes. Without access to your own swimming pool any day of the week (and any time of the day), you're restricted to hours of operation (as with a public pool), or you're vulnerable to unpredictable accidents (as with rivers and lakes). Or you're restricted to other methods of staying cool in the heated months like air conditioning, iced tea drinks and whatnot. But they're just not as fun as swimming!

If you think you don't have room or the funds for your own private swimming pool - think again. Swimming pools come in all sizes and prices - each to accommodate the taste, style, size, and budget of their buyers. We all don't need an Olympic sized swimming pool to enjoy swimming. Especially when sometimes all we want is a quick dip to cool off. In the latter case, a very small wading pool would serve us just as well as if we were floating on a competition pool!

Your swimming pool can be above ground, in ground, indoors, or outdoors. It can be rectangular shaped, round, or organic shaped. Your preference should however be based on the amount of property that you're able to dedicate to a swimming area, how often you plan on swimming, and how dedicated you'll be to maintaining it. Obviously the larger pools require more maintenance than smaller pools, but don't let the small size of a tiny pool fool you. Even a mere twelve-foot wide
Swimming pool requires chlorine, shock, mechanical filtering, nets, and even Vacuuming too!

Once you've made these decisions, you can hire a professional construction company to begin working on your pool. An aboveground pool is quicker to install than an in-ground pool because with the latter, construction involves intensive digging, pipe work, and cementing. Aboveground pools are almost pre-built before they arrive onto your property so that constructors can simply erect it and secure in place.

Of course, the time it takes to build a pool also depends on how far it deviates from standard shapes and materials. For example, a cement below ground pool would take longer to install than would an above-ground pool, yet shorter than would a tiled below-ground pool take. A rectangular shaped pool would be a rather quick install compared to an organic shaped pool, yet it would be a slightly longer install if it were constructed with patterned brick or stone.

Fortunately, the shape of a pool doesn't change maintenance requirements as most pools require the same kind of care. The only thing that changes a pool's care is its size and material. For instance, swimming pools with a rubber lining need more repetitive care and maintenance than would a pool with a cement or tile lining.

Whatever size, style, or material that you have your pool built with, you can always ask your construction crew for advice on how to care for it. That is, after you invite them over for a nice swim!

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