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by Pool Builders on 01-25-2009 in Articles

Traveling to Malta became in vogue several years ago, when the administration settled to update their travel industry situation by adopting different strategies involving transportation, lodging and other facilities on the island.
Malta has always had a great potential for tourism, but flying there was high-priced, and the infrastrucure was not exactly what travelers needed. Consequently, three years ago, the Malta Tourism Agency struggled to stimulate air companies to include cheap flights from Britain, France and differnet major areas in Europe. Since then, firms like Ryanair, EasyJet and others will fly you to Malta for less than 120 pounds, many flights having costs even lower than 50 pounds. The Malta Goverment also invested greatly for the purpose of improving roads, restaurants, hotels, and implementing an inside transportation strategy (adding new busses that would take tourists practically anywhere on the island, and setting up a solid transportation network).
Still, the majority of the hotels were already fit to receive tourists. From 2 stars to 5, the grand majority of Malta hotels offered excellent conditions so that all guests could enjoy themselves in a relaxing adventure in Malta.
Some of the luxury Malta hotels that really deserve a look are:
• Lemeridien St Julians Hotel and Spa in Balluta Bay - really nice 5 star hotel by the sea, beautiful sceneries, excelent food, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa and massage.
• Riviera Resort and Spa in Marfa Bay - close to the International Airport, offering spa, swimming pool, beach and winter sun
• Preluna Hotel and Spa in Silema - spa, beach, swimming pool, child care (for traveling families), room modem, disability friendly hotel.
• Corinthia Palace Hotel in San Anton - swimming pool, child care, fitness center, meeting facilities, concierge.
I have visited all of them more than one time, nevertheless I have to notice that the hotel that impressed me the most was Lemeridien. Not only it offered all the common facilities of a classic 5 star hotel, the employees that worked there were really special persons. They made me feel like I was part of their family. They always had a smile on their face, always laughing and joking, however they were serious and professionals when needed. I even made friends with some of them, and we still keep in touch by email.
The other hotels are great too, but to be honest they didn't give me that special feeling I had when staying to the Lemeridien. I'm sorry if I'm not as impartial as I should be when reviewing these luxury Malta hotels, but I always like to speak my mind freely.
However, be sure that if you choose any of these hotels to spend your holiday in Malta, you will enjoy your stay, and you won't regret your choice.

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