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by Pool Builders on 05-27-2006 in Articles

In ground pools are nice because it offers great relief during those unbearable temperatures. You can spend time home with friends and family and has a good time around the pool. A pool also will add value to your home. Many of the older, generations and even some of the younger generations didn’t grow up with a pool at all, so by getting an in ground pool, you can upgrade your life. The thing is that before your purchase you’re in ground pool you need consider a few factors. Among those factors are your budget, the size, the shape, the layout, and any added accessories like a spa.

When it comes to in ground pools, you need to know the benefits of the types. The different types of in ground pools are concrete, vinyl-lined, or fiberglass. Concrete pools come in a wide range of designs and so your possibilities are practically endless. One of the best things about a concrete pool is that it has the power of staying. They are very durable. With a vinyl-lined pool, you have an opportunity to purchase a poll and save some money. The only thing is that you don’t have too many design opportunities, what see is what you get.

Although you can design your own, that’s going to cost you extra time and money. Most of the time vinyl-lined pools come as a package that can’t be changed. When you purchase a vinyl-lined pool you are getting a smooth, and user-friendly pool. You won’t have to worry about children or guests scraping their body off the sides of the pool like a concrete one. As for fiberglass, it is strong and easy to maintain. Fiberglass is best for holding water because it doesn’t chip or tear nor will it alter the chemicals in your pool.

When it comes to the excavation, plumbing, electric work, plus the decking, you will know that the cost of those three types of in ground pools will differ greatly. First, a concrete pool has a number of phases in construction. By all it is forming, applying the concrete, tile, and plastering.

The process will only take between three-six weeks depending on the company who you have installing it. As for the vinyl, you will be swimming very faster than a concrete pool. It is installed in a week or less and depending on what the walls are made out of you could be using your pool in just a couple days. But if it is the times that you don’t have then get a fiberglass pool. It is completed upon arrive and only requires a hole to be dug and then the pool to be leveled and filled. This can all happen in a day or two.


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