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The St Louis swimming pool construction process involves a number of steps and for the entire process to be completed smoothly proper preparation is required.

Are you planning to hire a pool builder for getting a swimming pool constructed in your backyard? If yes, then you must gather some knowledge about pool construction. This will allow you to find out whether the St Louis swimming pool construction workers appointed by you are carrying out the job properly.

Construction Preparations

Before initiating the actual construction job, the pool builder must survey the land on which you want the pool to be built. Based on the result obtained from the survey, he will need to appoint workers for clearing the land of vegetation of all kinds and making it flat. The process is usually carried out using a bulldozer. Then the workmen will stake out the pool's dimension and start removing the soil within the decided dimensions. A backhoe is used for performing the soil removal job. Once the soil is removed from the area where the pool will be constructed, the workmen should start smoothing out the walls. They must also take necessary steps for ensuring that the soil present at the pool's bottom is leveled properly. Then, rebar is used for reinforcing the pool's walls.

Pool Construction

The most important step of a pool construction procedure is installation of plumbing, which include installation of pipes to and from the water filter and pool pump. In addition, return jets and pipes connecting the drain and pool skimmer also get placed; then a plastic wrap is used for covering the newly installed plumbing units so that they don't get damaged or dirtied during the remaining steps of construction.

The next steps of the construction procedure are usually as follows:

The pool bottom and walls are first coated using thick layers of gunite (a concrete mix type used frequently for pool construction)

As soon as the gunite hardens, the workers will place decorative tiles on the rim of the swimming pool walls and its bottom.

The workers will them attach plumbing fixtures to the previously installed open pipes.

Finally, they will apply a glazing layer on the gunite to seal the pool and preventing occurrence of cracks.

The Final Steps

Once the actual St Louis Swimming Pool Construction process is over, the construction workers will start building the pool deck. Usually, the deck is made using concrete; however to give the concrete slabs the desired shape wooden forms are used. The concrete is finally sealed by applying one or two layers of water-resistant stucco on it.

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