Above Ground Pool Accessories - The Bits Many Buyers Often Over Look

by Pool Builders on 02-20-2011 in Articles

So you have invested wisely in an above ground pool to enjoy the hot summer sun. At the bottom end you may just have bought an easy set swimming pool, but if you have not bought a set of steps to get in and out then you will soon need to buy some.

Or you may have invested in a top of the range above ground oval swimming pool which can bring you just about all of the benefits of an in-ground swimming pool, but have you considered such accessories as underwater lighting?

In the height of summer this may seem a funny question to ask, however without any underwater lights an above ground swimming pool can become very dark, and an un-inviting place to be at night.

So when buying your pool you need to have a careful think about what accessories that you absolutely must have, and those which are just "Nice to haves".

On the plus side unlike an in-ground one, nearly all above ground pool accessories can be bought after the initial purchase, where as the same cannot be said for an in-ground one.

However you should note that accessories such as a water slide for an above ground pool will not add the same value as if they were for an in-ground one.

Also you cannot add things like water jets or air bubble systems easily to an above ground swimming pool.

That said you will find it far easier to use pool-cleaning accessories such as pool vacuums with an above ground pool, compared to an in-ground one.

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