Above Ground Pool Cleaning Tips

by Pool Builders on 06-12-2010 in Articles

Many people have above ground swimming pools because they are much cheaper than other pool models. These pools start to get used more during the warm summer months. While they are nice, there is some maintenance that needs to be done to keep them clean. Learn some tips that will make this process much easier.

First of all, go out each day and just try to skim off the leaves and other debris out of the pool. This takes just a few minutes and will keep the pool nice and cleaned up versus letting this become a once a week chore.

Get a chlorine system that works for you. You can do all this manually, but there are many devices that help automates the process. This makes it much easier on you knowing that the pool is getting the chlorine it needs without having to think about it.

Purchase a pool vacuum to work in your pool all day long. These are devices that will go around the pool picking up dirt and debris automatically even while you are away. Turn this on once and you can have a pool that is constantly being cleaned up for you without the effort.

Be sure you do your proper PH balance tests of your pool. This is best done once a week so that you can find out if you are going to be having problems. Do this as often as you can.

If your pool is under tree limbs, consider removing those if they are causing too many problems with sticks and leaves in the pool. This will make the cleaning much easier.

Put a filter on the end of your hose when filling up your pool. These are made specifically for filtering out certain bacteria and other things that can lead to pool water problems. If these never get introduced into the pool, it's easier to take care of things.

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